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Aroma-Ace™ Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser

Manufactured in the USA, the Aroma-Ace™ is an all-in-one essential oil atomizing diffuser using Diffuser World’s Cold Diffusion™ delivery technology. The patented "quick change" atomizer attachment and self-maintenance air filtration feature let you enjoy the convenience and control of today's most advanced aromatherapy delivery system.

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Made in US

With the patented innovative “quick change” oil system, easy to use timing controls, and state-of-the-art Cold Diffusion™ technology, The Aroma-Ace™ preserves and delivers all the natural therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

The new 12V Aroma-Ace™ eliminates any power restrictions that a fixed voltage system creates in a global market.

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Change essential oils in seconds with the innovative “quick change” system. Simply twist a new bottle of essential oil into the atomizer at any time without mixing or spilling. Advanced, easy to use timer knobs provide exceptional operational control and convenience. State-of-the-art Cold Diffusion™ technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils by effectively transforming them into a micro fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air and may remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their NATURAL defenses against airborne Viruses, Bacteria, Mold, Pests and Odors. Other common uses are for Respiratory Therapy, Mood Enhancement, Relaxation and Wellbeing, Air Purification and more.

Customer Reviews

Great diffuser with one flaw Review by Lance
The atomizing aspect and performance are great. The one flaw, which I consider major, are the controls. Separate controls for run and rest is an analog design and there is no setting to run for x minutes and then turn off. I would like to have this feature so I could turn it on at bedtime to run for 20 minutes and then shut off so it I fall asleep it is not continuously on for 20 minutes and then off for twenty minutes. Would be nice to have a digital LED control with infinite timing options, such as run for 20 minutes then turn off or run for 2 minutes every half hour for x cycles. That would be easy with a digital control and then this diffuser would be perfect!
(Posted on 5/13/14)
I am in love!!! Review by Diana
The best diffuser I have ever had!!!! (Posted on 2/11/14)
Best Diffuser I have ever used Review by girly girl
The quality and effectiveness is by far the best I have ever purchased. I particularly liked the great customer service when I had questions. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about getting the most out of their essential oils. (Posted on 9/30/13)
Great investment Review by Linda Lewis-Weissinger
Everytime, my clients walk into my business they oooo and ahh. The fine mist of healing oils are amazing. In fact my client is looking on your website right now to purchase one! I have had my unit for over 3 years. Great investment (Posted on 6/21/13)
I love this diffuser. Review by Rebecca Kaselis
I love this diffuser. I have a lot animal in the house , after I use this diffuser my house smell so good. (Posted on 6/16/13)
Excellent product! Review by Peter Horgan
Excellent product! I love how quiet it is and how easy the maintenance is. (Posted on 12/3/12)
Excellent diffuser Review by Danica Radovanov
This is an excellent diffuser--absol-utely intuitive and works great. A little loud on maximum output, but it's adjustable so that you can use it therapeutically or for fragrancing. It uses very little oil because of the powerful pump. The only reason I give it four stars is that it doesn't help you figure out the volumes you are putting out, you have to wing it through experience (max is 3 ml/ hour). (Posted on 3/16/11)
Buy it. You'll love it. Review by Stuart Greer
I have been using this diffuser for four months and love it. It's fairly quiet and with the bottle attachments it's a snap to switch between oils or create your own blends. So far every bottle I have tried that is 15ml in size fits the spouts very well. I purchased the diffuser after having a stroke and wanting to try aromatherapy to deal with the anxiety and depression that followed. The Aroma-Ace took my aromatherapy to a whole new level. Buy it. You'll love it. (Posted on 2/11/11)
Great product and fast shipping Review by Sheri Jacobs
I have used many aromatherapy diffusers but this is by far the best. No messing with tubes and loss of pressure. Disperses essentials oils with the ability to control how much, timing on and timing off. I bought a second one because we have a large house. Great product and fast shipping.
Thank you. (Posted on 1/20/11)
My favorite by far! Review by pete covatta
Travels great and totally functional. I've spent $100's on other diffusers and nothing else comes close. Very sturdy, high quality construction. Awesome diffuser; My favorite by far! (Posted on 10/7/10)
This is the BEST diffuser Review by Jennifer Penske
This is the BEST diffuser. Silent, programable, easy to attach oil bottle. Such an improvement over the noisy diffuser I had before that needed a programable timer and had a delicate glass nebulizer that was hard to clean! (Posted on 8/23/10)
I like this diffuser Review by Ron Bracco
I like this diffuser. It's easy to change the essential oils and it has a timer built-in. (Posted on 12/24/09)
Don't think anyone will top this one! Review by Robert Zangrillo
I have had quite a few nebulizing diffusers in the past, both inexpensive & expensive. This one is by far the best one I have ever owned! No hoses or delicate, expensive & difficult to clean glass nebulizers to worry about breaking or coming loose. No spills & no hassles! Super easy to use right out of the box. Amazingly easy to clean, & best of all you can totally control how long it stays on, how long it stays off & how much volume it puts out. I really can't say enough about how great it is. Don't think anyone will top this one! (Posted on 12/12/09)
A real winner!! Review by Julie Chertow
This is the best diffuser I have ever used and I have used many in the years! Thank you for thinking this through in creating a brilliant diffuser that works wonders for the output of oil, that is stable, easy, travels well, easy to change oils and has a built in timer on top of all that!
A real winner!! (Posted on 9/8/09)
This unit is GREAT Review by Andy Ozfuruncu
I gave this a 5-star rating. This unit is GREAT. Blows all other nebulizer/diffusers away. I once bought nebulizer/cool mister diffuser, for $74.99 and within 3 weeks it broke one me. I LOVE this unit. You will be very happy with it! So convienent and easy, plus it's controls are amazing! It's a steal for this price, it's proffesional grade.
Andy (Posted on 7/27/09)
Now I'm diffusing EVERY DAY! Review by An-Ra-Nae Meders
I LOVE the total convenience of the Aroma-Ace! The automation of the settings make it worry free, and it's so easy to reset whenever I choose! I use this diffuser in my healing office and now I'm diffusing EVERY DAY instead of just now and then! (Posted on 5/19/09)
I give it my highest recommendation Review by Dr. Steven Fischer
Well folks, I m in love again! No, it s not because its spring-----it s because my old buddy Earl Sevy at Diffuser World has finally delivered on the promised goods after 4 years of research and development. You see, I m a reformed aromatherapy addict who used to go through Essential Oil Diffusers like most people go through underwear. Trouble was, every diffuser design I tried was lacking in some fundamental way. Some Diffusers were too noisy, some too cumbersome with hoses and pumps, too hard to clean, too hard to switch out different Essential Oils---you get the idea. So, I finally gave up using Nebulizers due to their high maintenance and hassle and stopped aromatherapy altogether.

When Earl called me to try out his latest product the Aroma-Ace Nebulizing Diffuser, I was cautiously optimistic but excited. Diffuser World had invested nearly a quarter million dollars and 4 years of extensive research and development in order to solve all the aforementioned problems. Not only did Earl investigate all existing Diffuser designs, he also decided to manufacture all the parts himself. He fabricated all the injection molds, designed his own high-velocity pump, made the diffuser effortless to use, and most importantly, brought all the fun back to the pleasures of aromatherapy. His patent-pending quick change system is fabulous and makes switching out Essential Oils a 5 second job. His design is sleek, very user friendly, and offers the ultimate flexibility by allowing the user to control the on-off cycle through 2 control knobs. I ve been playing with this new Diffuser for several weeks trying to get it to malfunction, but alas, it is so well built that nothing I could throw at it could even make it hiccup.

Now, to be fair to all readers of this review, no product is perfect so I will offer some critiques on how it could be improved. First, the control knobs lack an easily viewable reference line so we old-timers have to get real close and squint to see where it is positioned. These knobs should be replaced with easier to see knobs.

So, what do I think about the new Aroma-Ace Nebulizing Diffuser? It is quite simply the best Essential Oil Diffuser on the market today. The Aroma-Ace is incredibly well engineered and built from the best components. It works flawlessly, is an absolute pleasure to use, is simple to clean, there are no glass parts to break. The Aroma-Ace Diffuser is user friendly and adjustable, and finally (Posted on 4/14/09)
I am SOLD! Review by Tracy Slack
I work professionally with many clients in my office on a daily basis, so a diffuser is necessary to not only fragrance the air, but also to add that needed therapeutic aspect. Mostly we find we like to diffuse a blend uplifting to the mood. If someone walks in with an illness, you bet I m going to diffuse Thieves oil into the air right away. Essential oils that have antibacterial and antiviral properties help have peace of mind that we are killing germs that are airborne. That is why a professional diffuser for therapeutic oils is necessary. The new Aroma-Ace offers the ease of switching out an oil blend as fast as I can grab an oil bottle and put it into the diffuser (Posted on 3/31/09)
Haven't found a better diffuser anywhere Review by Cyndy Streitz
I have receive the new product and am using it, I love the fact that you do not have to worry about the glass nebulizer breaking and you do not have to take anything off to clean. I am also happy with the fact you do not have to use a dropper to put the oils in the diffuser and that you just screw the bottle of oil on the unit and it has an option for how long it will run before it shuts down, then it starts up again.All in all it is really a great product, keep up the good work, I have not found a better diffuser anywhere.

Cyndy Streitz CMT (Posted on 3/29/09)
BEST diffuser I have ever seen Review by Tracy Hadley
Thank you so much for providing for the world the BEST diffuser I have ever seen.

I have been selling essential oils for over 9 years and have tried about every diffuser on the market.
This one is completely different from anything I have ever seen or used. This diffuser is programmable. This diffuser is quieter than the others and it is more powerful. This diffuser is attractive and doesn t have any delicate glass to break. This diffuser does not spill or break if it is tipped over. This diffuser kicks out the most amazing amount of essential oils.
This diffuser uses a 15ml size bottle to hold the essential oil, which makes it ideal for diffusing all night long.
This diffuser is just wildly different from anything on the market. Most importantly it is proudly made in the USA.

I am so excited to finally get this diffuser, I have been waiting at least 9 years for a diffuser that exceeds all of my needs and the needs of my clients.

Tha-nks Earl for your efforts in giving us a diffuser that we can really be happy with.

Much love and appreciation

Tracy Hadley


Harmonious Scents (Posted on 3/28/09)
Wonderful diffuser Review by Debra Raines
What a wonderful diffuser. The sleek design is beautiful. What a brilliant way to change oils, no loss of product or danger of damaging the components. The timer and output controls are a great improvement.
I will be proud to sell another of your great products.

De-bbie Raines
Integrity Health Enterprises LLC (Posted on 3/28/09)
Aroma-Ace is SOLID Review by Debra Waldron
The Aroma Ace is SOLID. It has no breakable parts, can be run on a wide variety of settings, and the fine mist it creates is, in a word, lovely. I like that I can use existing bottles of essential oils and attach them. I like that I don t have to remove that hard-to-remove white ring at the base of the cap to each bottle in order to do so. I love that it is solid (Posted on 3/26/09)
Aroma-Ace is #1 Review by Efrain Valentine
The Aroma-Ace ranks #1 with me. The ease of operation and the effectiveness of this diffuser are second to none. The best new feature for me is the ease of attaching oil bottle. It's like set it and forget it! The aroma in my home and place of business is wonderful. I get a lot of comments.

Ef-rain Valentine (Posted on 3/23/09)
We enjoyed it. Review by Laurel Brown
We are an essential oil company and sell many of Diffuser World's diffusers every year. There were many characteristics about the Aroma Ace that we enjoyed. The timers are wonderful and insure a perfectly timed, consistent diffusion of essential oils all day long. The two bottles give us the ability to change from one oil to another easily during the day without having to stop and clean out the unit.

Laure-l Brown
General Manager
Florac-opeia, Inc (Posted on 3/14/09)
Excellent piece of engineering! Review by Jan Meredith
What an excellent piece of engineering! The Aroma-Ace has everything I could ask for! The built-in timer and the exceptionally wide air pressure range make it easy to regulate the amount of oil in the air for various needs in various room sizes.

I like the compact size and I REALLY like the abcense of tubes and that annoying hissing sound! Oh, and the fact that the whole unit is so stable with no fragile glass parts - great! And then, there's the ease in changing oils - I don't have to try to pour oil back in a bottle and there are no gummy parts to clean!!

In short, what's not to like? The features are wonderful, it works like a dream, it's sturdy, is very easily transported, the price is fair... I love it!


Jan Meredith (Posted on 3/14/09)
The Most Advanced Diffusion Technology Available:

-Revolutionary compact All-In-One design
-Built-in timers and power control
-State-of-the-art Cold Diffusion technology atomizes micro-fine essential oil vapor
-Patented "Quick C`hange" system allows oil changes without mixing or spilling
-Powerful, effective, and easy to use
-Now in four colors!

-Directional control spout and sound reducer
-Revolutionary nebulizer technology - Atomizes a micro-fine essential oil vapor of approximately 1-3 microns
-Bottle top "quick change" system allows oil changes without mixing or spilling
-Non-slip grip for easy pick up
-15ML or 30ML capacity for extended operation and low maintenance intervals
-Powerful, fully adjustable pump delivers up to 5 pounds of pressure
-Strong molded body for increased service life and durability - compact one piece design for space efficiency
-Tip resistant base for added stability
-Built in filter to clean the air and keep dust out

Changing essential oils has never been easier than with the Aroma-Ace quick change system. It only takes a few seconds to change oil any time.
1. Remove cap from oil bottle.
2. Remove orifice reducer from oil bottle.
3. Screw the atomizer attachment onto the bottle and snug down (NOTE: Oil may leak if bottle is not tight).
4. Tilt atomizer assembly to the left, then insert tabs into the socket on pump housing.
5. Push atomizer into socket, then rotate atomizer assembly clock-wise to the upright position.
6. Now adjust the control setting as desired.

1. Set the "RUN TIME" knob for how long you would like the Aroma-Ace to RUN before RESTING. (1 to 20 Minutes) The green LED light comes on during the "RUN" cycle.
2. Set the "REST TIME" knob for how long you would like the Aroma-Ace to REST before RUNNING (1 to 20 Minutes) The amber LED light comes on during the "REST" cycle.
3. Set the "OUTPUT PRESSURE" control knob to desired volume. Click ON/OFF switch then rotate to increase volume.
4. The "RUN TIME" and "REST TIME" will alternate indefinitely until the unit is turned off.

WARNING: Always keep the Aorma-Ace in an upright position when oil bottles are attached. The air pump can be damaged if the unit is rotated where oil can enter the air pump. Remove atomizer when transporting the unit or changing oils.

-For indoor use only
-Do not operate with wet hands
-Keep the unit in an upright position
-Keep out of the reach of children and pets
-Read and follow all cautions and instructions
-Unplug from wall outlet when not in use
-To be serviced by qualified technician only
-Do not use near or around water, shower, sinks, tubs, pools, etc.
-To be used in accordance with local laws and regulations
-Do not use with any substance that may be deemed as harmful
-Never set on a surface that can be damaged by essential oils
110 Volt Unit:
AC 110v/60 Hz 6W
Max. Pressure 5-6 psi
Max. flow 2-3 Lpm
Weight: 2lb 5oz
Height: 5"
Width: 3.5" Length: 4"
Manufactured with polypropylene (PP
Cord Length: 6.5'

12 Volt Unit:
DC 12v 8W
Max. Pressure 5-8 psi
Max. flow 2-3 Lpm
Weight: 2lb 5oz
Height: 5"
Width: 3.5"
Length: 4"
Manufactured with polypropylene (PP)

NOTICE: Always keep the Aorma-Ace in an upright position when oil bottles are attached. The air pump can be damaged if the unit is rotated where oil can enter the air pump. Remove atomizer when transporting the unit or changing oils.

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